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Online Interactive Training Series

In response to a great many requests, Business Rule Solutions now offers at-a-distance learning options. No travel, no backlogs, no hassles. Same great instructors, but with schedules, content and pricing designed to meet the special needs of busy professionals.

Includes time for after-class interaction with instructors. Get all your questions answered.

Our Online Interactive Training Series

Special Early Registration Discount Offers:

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  • + Business Rules training discount expires May 24, 2016
  • + Business Analysis training discount expires September 20, 2016

General Information

Live Sessions

    Each Series: 6 sessions (4 sessions for Series 3 training)
    Each Session: 1.5 hours
    Schedule: 2 sessions per day - AM and PM
     over 3 consecutive days (2 days for Series 3 training)
    Times: Morning: 10:30am - 12:00noon (ET)
      Afternoon: 3:30pm - 5:00pm (ET)
    After-Class: Instructors available for one hour after each
     session for Q&A and interaction on exercises.
    Prices: Full series of six sessions: $895 / connection
      Individual sessions: $195 / connection
    Attendee Limitations: There is no limit on the number of participants
     who may join in over your connection.

Rules of Participation

    By registering for Business Rule Solutions On-Line Training, you agree not to:

    • Record or re-transmit the sessions.
    • Connect remote participants in the sessions from your location.
    • Copy, reproduce or distribute training materials except for attendees actually attending the sessions at your location.

    All training sessions and materials remain the sole property of Business Rule Solutions, LLC and are intended for the exclusive benefit of attendees at your physical location.

Benefits for You and Your Company

Easy: A phone line and computer with access to the Internet is all you need. Just dial in, enter your access code, and click to the website. Follow along with hand-outs provided in advance.

Convenient: No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office. Now you can learn state-of-the-art techniques from the world leaders in the comfort of your own work space.

Affordable: Your costs are a fraction of the normal travel and registration fees for public or on-site seminars. Do the math!

Unlimited Participation: Put a speakerphone on your end so as many people as you want can listen in – there's no extra cost. Use a projector for the video portion too if you like.

Team Training: Use these sessions as a cost-effective, time-efficient means to train supervisors, managers and staff on key points in a manner they will remember and act on.

Effective: Our sessions give you pragmatic techniques you can start to use as soon as you're off the phone.

High-Impact: Fast paced and highly focused. No wasted time – perfect to fit your busy schedule.

Self-Directed: Attend an entire series or any single session – or some combination – it's your choice.

Excellent! I definitely learned what I needed.
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